Why Didn’t My Dentist Tell Me There Was a Healthy Way to Reverse Cavities?

How to Reverse Cavities Naturally !!!


I went to the dentist for the first time and they said I had a start of a cavity on two of my baby teeth and wanted to drill my teeth and fill them. We left and I started doing some natural tooth drops and I started flossing more. I am still contemplating why my dentist didn’t tell me there was a healthy way to reverse cavities. Aren’t they supposed to be the professionals?   

Here is some very helpful information for you and your family.

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Here is the graph showing the results of this amazing research!

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One of the most shocking things I learned reading this article is that when we eat foods with phytic acid, it actually blocks minerals and nutrients while leaching from our body, bones and teeth!!! Phytic acid is also an enzyme inhibitor and it binds with 80% of the phosphorus in beans and grains so our bodies cannot absorb or use it.

A long time ago people used to ferment their foods and this got rid of the phytic acid so even though they ate the same kind of foods, it did not hurt their health like it does now because most people don’t ferment or sprout their food properly.

Pulls minerals and nutrients from your body teeth and bones

You can make your own toothpaste!!!



Here is the takeaway from this article and I just learned that when people say “what is the takeaway?” they mean the key facts and most important parts of whatever you were discussing.



Takeaway dr axe

Dr. Axe’s website is really informative and I highly recommend using his website as a general reference for health.

Read the full article here: https://draxe.com/naturally-reverse-cavities-heal-tooth-decay/



I was personally raised using the philosophy of Dr. Weston A. Price until I was about 5 years old. Here is some info about this amazing researcher and dentist.

drpriceDr. Weston A. Price (1870-1948), a Cleveland dentist, has been called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition.” In his search for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration that he observed in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to unstudied evidence among human beings. Dr. Price sought the factors responsible for fine teeth among the people who had them–isolated nonindustrialized people.

The world became his laboratory. As he traveled, his findings led him to the belief that dental caries and deformed dental arches resulting in crowded, crooked teeth and unattractive appearance were merely a sign of physical degeneration, resulting from what he had suspected–nutritional deficiencies.

Price traveled the world over in order to study isolated human groups, including sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos and Indians of North America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori and the Indians of South America. Wherever he went, Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, stalwart bodies, resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of primitives on their traditional diets, rich in essential food factors.

Please enjoy what he had to say. You can also read his biography.


More on Dr. Price’s research and findings!

Once his investigations were complete, Dr. Price was able to analyse the native foods of these isolated peoples and make some critical conclusions. He found that the daily fare of the people he researched contained at least 4 times the water-soluble vitamins and minerals and 10 times the fat-soluble vitamins as the standard Western diet.

Additionally, he found that all these populations prioritized animal foods in abundance – butter, fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats, eggs and animal fats. In fact, these foods were often considered ‘sacred’ by these communities, but were deemed unhealthy by governing health bodies in the West!

Ultimately, Dr. Price discovered that nutrient density was the key to the robust good health of native people eating a traditional diet. He noted that foods rich in vitamins A, D and K2 were always in abundance, and that these nutrients acted as catalysts for the absorption and utilization of minerals in the human diet. The synergy of these nutrients in traditional diets provided protection against dental decay, and also contributed to the conception of structurally strong and healthy children.

The time at which Dr. Price conducted his investigations was critical as he was able to witness native peoples within the same populations eating both their traditional diets and what Price deemed to be ‘the displaced foods of modern commerce’ – refined sugars, white flour, homogenised and pastuerised milk, refined vegetable oils and fat reduced and convenience foods introduced by Western contact. Without exception, traditional peoples who had held strong to their dietary roots displayed enduring robust health, whilst their fellow people who had introduced Western rations had begun to develop dental decay immediately, and structural decline within one generation. Dr Price’s finding were revolutionary, in that they showed that important elements of physical structure were not simply ‘genetics’, but largely influenced by nutrition!

Dr Price_image

Once Dr. Price had reached his conclusions, he was able to formulate a protocol for the treatment and reversal of dental decay, which he also applied to many other instances of poor health with dramatically positive results. Primary to his protocol were high quality cod liver oil and butter oil in equal amounts as providers of vitamins A, D and K2, and abundant fresh, whole, raw milk as a high quality source of minerals and fat soluble vitamins.

The importance of Dr. Price’s work went unrecognized in his day, but in our times of rapidly increasing degenerative disease and illness it is critical that we understand the significance of his findings and apply them in the name of good health!

How I Remineralized my Tooth Cavities Without Dentistry…

by: A Real Food Lover

Two years ago I went to the dentist for a cleaning. I had one small cavity in between two of my upper teeth, and one large cavity way in the back next to my wisdom tooth. The dentist recommended that I stay and immediately have those two cavities filled. I told him I was going to go home and do some research first. I don’t think anyone has ever said that to him before, because he really looked speechless there for a second. I think Doctors are pretty used to getting their way (besides, he already thinks I’m weird because of a previous argument we got into about fluoride). Here is my research:

Contrary to popular belief, the teeth are not inanimate objects, but fully alive parts of the body. What makes up a tooth?

  • Dentin: the bone-like layer in the middle of the tooth
  • Enamel: the hard white surface that covers the tooth
  • Pulp: with its  many blood vessels, nerves and live cells
  • Mandibular nerve: which stimulates the body in carrying blood to the nerves in the teeth
  • Trigeminal nerve: stimulates the blood vessels that feed blood from the large cranial  nerve to the Mandibular nerve
  • Periodontal ligament: connects the tooth to the jaw through millions of fibers all going different directions

Dentin and enamel are fed from tooth building cells which transport or disperse  nutrients through the dental lymph. They essentially act as tiny pumps. A healthy tooth will clean itself out, fluid will flow from within the pulp and move outward to protect our teeth from decay.

The teeth’s ability to heal itself is based upon how healthy your salivary glands are. Poor diet causes food debris, saliva, chemicals and whatever may be in the body at the time to be pulled into the tooth through the dentinal tubules. Over time, the pulp becomes inflamed and tooth decay spreads to the enamel.

  • Certain minerals play a key part in tooth health. Namely Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium and Manganese. Without abundant minerals in the diet the flow of fluid through the tubules is reversed, and cellular metabolism and energy-production of the teeth-building cells are damaged.
  • Our hormone secreting glands also play a large part in the health of our teeth. When our endocrine glands are out of balance we develop tooth decay or gum disease.
  •  Blood sugar levels when chronically out of balance, can often cause tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Vitamin A & D are crucial to the health of your teeth. Without enough Vitamin A & D our cells cannot produce enough osteocalcin-the protein that deposits calcium and phosphorous into our bones and teeth.
  •  Without enough fat-soluble vitamins in the diet severe tooth decay can result.

So what can you do?

Help your endocrine and pituitary glands stay in balance by eating a diet very low in sugar. This includes natural sugars.

Eat a diet low in phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient found in grains, seeds, nuts and beans, and actually blocks the absorption of minerals by the body (I will do a full post on this tomorrow).

Eat more saturated fat! Cholesterol is a vital building block involved in  hundreds of functions in the body. In fact, your body produces three to four times the amount of cholesterol that you eat. Cholesterol from healthy fats (coconut oil, tallow, lard, butter etc) is not dangerous and has no effect on your risk of heart disease.

Consume Vitamin A & D together. The most potent form is cod liver oil. You would have to eat 5 quarts of milk, 1 pound of butter or 9 eggs to consume the amount of Vitamin A found in one teaspoon of cod liver oil! (I order mine online at Iherb and use the coupon code HIF798 for a $10 discount and free shipping)

Update: iHerb just added Garden of Life Arctic Cod Liver oil to their site. It is very high quality. Use the code HIF798 for $10 off!

Increase the amount of fresh, raw foods that you consume and reduce the amount of cooked, processed, prepackaged foods.

The Changes I Made

I take 2 capsules of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend 3 TIMES A DAY. Garden of Life makes a great quality Cod Liver Oil as well.

I drink 2-3 cups of raw, grass-fed whole-fat milk per day minimum. We also eat full-fat dairy made from this milk.

I make homemade bone broth often, and we use it for cooking daily.

We eat wild-caught seafood 1-2 times per week ( I find fish eggs are a really easy way to do this) Rob loves all sea food, and probably eats more than I do. We eat oysters, clams, crab, lobster, caviar etc.

We eat high quality beef, pork, chicken from a local farm who only feeds the animals what God would feed them.

We eat the organ meats from those animals at least 1 time per week

I eliminated sugar from my diet completely and only allow myself 1 Tbsp per day maximum. Which sounds hard, but once you haven’t had sugar for a while, 1 Tbsp is actually a lot of sweetener. (and fruit tastes like candy)

I increased the amount of green leafy vegetables in my diet, and always consume them with a healthy fat, so I can absorb the minerals efficiently. Juicing is an excellent way to do this, if you aren’t a big veggie fan.

I started soaking grains to reduce the amount of phytic acids I was consuming. I will post on this method tomorrow. I also greatly reduced the amount of grains that we were eating, and started buying sprouted flour.

Because your teeth are alive, they CAN heal themselves!

I didn’t believe this until I went back to the dentist 6 months later and the small cavity on the top was so much smaller in the X-ray that the Doctor could barely find it. In  my mind I screamed “I knew it would work, I knew it!”. But out loud I just said “hhmmm. It looks like the changes I made worked.” He asked me a lot of questions, and I answered them all. We talked for over an hour about the changes I made, and the research behind why they worked. This man with a doctorate in dentistry literally said to me “I have been a dentist for 21 years and I had no idea a tooth could remineralize itself. I didn’t know it was even possible”.

Now it has been 2 years, and both of my cavities are 100% gone. I also had teeth that were very sensitive to cold, and that has gone away entirely. I can now chew ice cubes (I know everyone with sensitive teeth out there is cringing right now) and rinse my mouth with ice water and I feel no pain.


Tooth decay is caused by an imbalance in body chemistry. Blood sugar spikes  cause our hormones to tell the teeth to stop adding minerals, and our metabolism of calcium and phosphorous is disrupted. Eat plenty of vegetables, stop eating so much sugar and carbohydrates, eat more grass-fed protein and fat and you can resolve this imbalance.

I would recommend the same research to you, that I did to the good Doctor:

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel


Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price READ ONLINE HERE

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon


Know Your Fats by Mary Enig

Find real food here: www.eatwild.com and www.localharvest.org and www.greenpasture.org

Source of the above article: https://arealfoodlover.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/how-i-remineralized-my-tooth-cavity-without-dentistry/

Hope you enjoyed!

Bye guys! 😉

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