Funny Friday! Just Curious…

So today I won’t be doing anything that is super funny. I am just wandering if anyone else is trying to say something but you switch the words? Like one time, me and my friends were playing in my sprinklers a long time ago and after a hour or two I said: “I am gonna turn the sprinklers off, the WATER is GRASSED enough.”
I do this all the time, and i’m just curious if anyone does this as often as me? Is it a brain malfunction problem? I don’t know. xD but anyways, how did everyone’s week go, and what are you thinking of doing this weekend? My week was pretty boring but tomorrow my friend has to stay over since her parnets are going to a concert. I also might go hiking with my good friend on Sunday as well… I am looking forward to the weekend. I also look forward to Saturdays. Because I love to just lay around and play games, and watch T.V but I also like to hangout at friends houses or go somewhere with my family.
Most importantly I love spending time with my horse and all my animals. I might do some training with my horse Matty tomorrow. I will probably also take my dogs on a walk in the morning.

That’s it for today, byee! 🙂

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