~What I like about my 4th grade English~

But, some of us love it! <3

But, some of us love it! <3 (Not me)


I like my English class because it’s fun, easy & hard at the same time, and it really helps you learn great grammar and everything you need to know about basic writing skills!
I had a hard time over the summer because my grandma died and I didn’t do as much work over the summer because I was in mourning. (Most of the time I do summer school) So at the end of summer I started to finish my 4th grade English class and now I am almost have it completed. By the time it’s Friday I will have completed my 4th grade English and can hopefully move on to 6th grade English.
My favorite Part of English was learning about parts of a book! I love to read so to me it was very useful and interesting to learn. I also loved learning about how to write proper letters! When I was writing the “Thank you letter” I sent it to my horse riding trainer and she liked it a lot. 🙂 Well, these are the reasons I like my 4th grade English.



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