The Hidden World of Color

My all time favorite color is purple. I love purple because it’s one of the colors that adds brightness and love to your environment! Purple is a royal color and royalty has used purple throughout the ages.


My mom took color psychology in her advanced business and marketing class in college.
She said that bankers wear a lot of blue because it conveys trust – True Blue.


Psychologists and counselors wear browns and earth tones because it helps their patients open up and reveal more information.
Gold, Black, Dark Green and Purple are used to market to people who make more money.
Red is a power color and you will see powerful people wear red ties. Red is also used in bars and restaurants because it helps people lose time, which makes them spend more time and money.


Red and yellow used together stimulates people’s appetites. You can see that many fast-food restaurants use red and yellow for this reason
Grey is used to inspire creativity.


Primary and bright colors appeal to a lower class audience (people that make less money).
Orange aggravates people and can make them get mad. I guess it’s a good color to make people visible, but I know they use orange for prisoner’s uniforms and hunters, so maybe they need to re-think orange in these places.


I think color is more important than most people realize.

That’s why I think color is important and why purple is my favorite color!

Colorful ink in water abstract

Peace and love <3


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