The Golden Eagle Baby Snatcher?

Golden Eagles! 😀

The Golden Eagle can live up to 20 years in the wild, but in captivity it can live near 50 years! They don’t live as long in the wild because of disease, cars, and humans. I know it’s mean to lock them up but they are safer in captivity, which brings up a good question about freedom. Would you rather live 50 years in captivity, or soar up to 10,000 feet high for 20 years? I would pick liberty for 20 years rather than stay in prison for 50. What would you pick? Leave a comment down below for what you would choose?


The male eagle’s wing span is 5-6 feet long. When the Golden eagle’s crop is full sometimes they can”t fly. When they can’t fly you’re probable thinking well something’s gonna eat them, right? NO! The Eagle has no natural predators. Their biggest threat is humans.

However, sometimes eagles can be their own worst enemy! There’s a thing called sibling rivalry where the stronger eaglet in the nest takes more food and beats up the smaller ones. In other words, sometimes eagles help kill their brothers and sisters. Also, there is an eagle who shocked the world of science by killing and eating his own eaglets. Check out this article!

When Golden Eagles are fat they don’t like to be handled so BE CAREFUL when you handle them when they are fat.


Big eagles can even snatch coyotes! Oh yea they can also snatch toddlers!  Watch this crazy video!!

Isn’t  this a crazy video!?!? And I don’t think its photo shopped by the way.


According to Daniel Dignan with Ron Paul Curriculum: Bald eagles are the national bird and animal of the United States. The biggest bald eagles live in Alaska. They can weigh up to 17 pounds and have an 8 foot wingspan!

On August 9, 2007, the bald eagle was removed from the federal list of threatened and endangered species. After nearly disappearing from most of the United States decades ago, the bald eagle is now flourishing across the nation and no longer needs the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

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A three-year old female Golden Eagle feeding on her fresh catch. Eagle owned and flown by Jim Rogers. Photo courtesy of Jim Rogers.





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