Ron Paul School Experience 1st Week

Summer is over and school is back in session. I’m still being home schooled – Yeah! I’m in the 5th grade this year and I’m doing the Ron Paul Curriculum. It’s been fun but a little hard since I have to get used to their website. I do English, Math, Reading and Writing and I am hoping my mom will purchase the 8th Grade science course so I have access to the Mastering YouTube course.

I’m reading the book “Tom Swift And His Motor-Cycle” and I’m on Chapter 5. This book is so cool, but it uses peculiar language.Β  It’s a very old book and was published in circa 1910, so they must have spoken differently back then. That’s a long time ago!

Let me give you some examples of the amusing language and sayings:

Bless Everything lol

There were other strange and peculiar uses of words too, but I’ll move on to one of the great benefits of using Dr. Paul’s curriculum and share with you my hopes and dreams for the future.

What i want to be when i grow up

I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up because I love animals so much and wish to help them when they need it. I believe I’ll have to be in school for an additional 8 years when I get out of college so I can study the animals I wish to help.

Brian Fish said on the Ron Paul site that if one goes through school like most kids do, it could cost up to $250,000, but if one takes the road less traveled and uses the Ron Paul Curriculum, and advice, it may cost as little as $12,000. Brain said he paid just $11,000 and earned his B.A. degree in the month he turned 18 !!!

So, if I graduate from college with a B.A. by the time I am 18, and then do 3 years of undergraduate work, plus 3-4 years in veterinary school, you may have to call me Doctor by the time I’m 25 years old !!!

I want to help reptiles, birds, dogs, cats, horses, all sorts of animals! I feel happy when I’m around animals and I get lonely when I’m not around them, so I have all sorts of animals.

I have two cat’s, one dog, six chickens, one cat fish, wild squirrels, snails, butterflies and last but not least, a bird! I saved this baby bird when she fell out of her nest. Her name is E.B., she’s an American Robin and she visits me every once in a while. So yeah.. If you can’t tell already, I LOVE ANIMALS!

Until next time,

Jaclyn πŸ™‚











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