My Mythical World

I created a mythical world that I “live in” and I am gonna tell you about it!


So the city is called Jorvik and it is full of trees, bushes, flowers, and perfectly paved roads. It is a lovely city. It is not a very populated city, but it is a very safe, happy, and peaceful place!


The rules of the city are: 1. Wild horses roam in the fields outside of town, do NOT harm them or touch them in any way. DO NOT capture the horses. 2. No hunting, that includes horses, rabbits, deer, birds, etc… 3. Cars must not pass 25 mph, they must stay in their own lane. 4. No fire arms in public places.


Outside of town there is a big field. It’s called The Forgotten Fields!


It’s full of green lush, trees, and even a heard of magical wild horses! The horses were first spotted five years ago drinking from the sparkling waterfall that waters all the green grass and plants in The Forgotten Fields. Just a day after they were spotted someone else that saw them noticed that they are a heard of unicorns!


There is a brown unicorn named Cookie, she is six years old. She has a bright blue horn and blue eyes. Cookie has a foal, his name is Bolt. He is four months old! He has a green horn and green eyes! Last but not least is Cookie’s mate, Phantom. He is a big black unicorn. He is five years old. (They are all horse years, they are adults, besides Bolt) Phantom has a bright red horn and red eyes!


Phantom is the leader of The Forgotten Fields. He is brave, protective of his family, and friendly. He loves running free and playing with his colt, Bolt. They love to sleep under the apple trees that surround The Forgotten Fields.



Jorvik is a great, safe place for kids. It has playgrounds everywhere. It has to huge parks within the city. Many library’s, shops, diner’s, water parks, and even has a fair ground! All inside of the city!   I love living in Jorvik. I always go hangout with my friends at the water park in the summer! One of the cool things about Jorvik is that it has a great school! It is fun to go to school and there are no mean kids either! I love that there is a breakfast/bakery right next to the school as well. If I get to school early enough, I can get breakfast at the bakery and maybe even a cupcake after school!

I love living here so much! It is always peaceful, happy, sunny, warm, and all the people are nice!

Unicorn Stag

Sometimes I wish the real world could be as good as my mythical world… But that can’t happen all we can do is wake up every morning and try to make the world more like a mythical, happy, fairy tale land. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Bye! 😉



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