My Glorious Organic Garden – CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT !!!

My family and I planted our yearly garden a few weeks ago! So today I will be writing about what has come up so far, including our amazing tomatoes and other exciting things. I also took some pictures for you and wrote down a recipe you might like that we had for dinner.

Most of our tomatoes are of the heirloom variety. We have 2 Bush Goliaths, 1 Lemon Boy, 1 Amish Roma, and 2 Early Birds.  They all taste amazing! We are overloaded with fresh, juicy, ripe tomatoes right now! So for dinner we are having Fish San Remo that uses a lot of tomatoes. All of our tomatoes are planted in our backyard around our pond. We call it TOMATO ALLEY!

My Pond and Chicken Coop Purple copy

One of the things that threatens our tomato plants are hornworms. Have you ever heard of a hornworm? They are a type of worm that eats tomato plants. Everyday when I wake up, me and my dad go outside and see if there are any hornworms on our tomato plants. If we find any worms, we give them to our chickens! Here is a really cool video on hornworms!

Now I will talk about my peppers! I am growing four kinds of peppers. I am growing an orange Bell Pepper, a Red Bell pepper, Hot peppers, and Chili peppers! They aren’t even done growing and they are so big! I can’t wait to eat the Red Bell pepper, I love Red Bell peppers! I’m hoping when it’s done growing my mom with make a salad and put the Red Bell pepper in it!


OK now let’s talk about Squash! We have three types of Squash. I grow Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash and Butter Cup Squash. I have tried Yellow and Zucchini Squash and I have not tried Butter Cup Squash, but I am hoping to real soon! My Butter Cup Squash is not done growing but it is almost done and will soon be a big fat Squash!

CIMG0007We also grow cucumbers, mint, sage, oregano, beans, Japanese eggplant, rosemary, parsley, and cilantro.

Now on to the chickens aka Chicky Booms!

Chicky Booms 2

I own 6 chickens, and all of them are hens. Here are their names: Silky, Sahara, Brownie, FuzzyWuzzy, Kylie, and Vicky. They are all very nice chickens except for Vicky. Vicky pecks your feet and tears your skin off.

Italy. Panorama of San Remo


Cod or any fish you like

Fresh tomatoes

Fresh garlic

Fresh mild oregano

Fresh lemon

Splash of red wine

Salt & pepper

Dash of sugar

Organic quinoa

Saute all the ingredients & add the fish and lemon at the end since the fish cooks fast.
Don’t overcook your fish! Place all of the ingredients over a bed of quinoa. ENJOY !!!

Fish San Remo Ingredients



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