~My Full California Experience~

I already did a post on my California experience but this is going to be the full version; so pretty much with all of the details!
We drove about 9 to 10 hours from Arizona to California and when we finally saw the waves come up to the coast, we were so relieved; my dad was probably the most relieved since he was the one driving.
The first thing we did was go to Red Tracton’s to get my mom’s favorite meal from there, Lobster Bisque!


Lobster Bisque with Sherry and Cayenne Pepper!

Lobster Bisx


The woman with the red circle is Tracy Tracton the owner of Red Tracton’s and when we went there WE GOT TO MEET HER! 😀


We headed to the hotel where we had rented a room online, and went straight to the check in/checkout desk. The guy was so mean to us! :-(. After my mom yelled at him he showed us to our hotel room and it had 3 stair cases to go up and they were sorta scary. My mom was afraid of heights and refused to go. Then he gave us another room and when we went in it looked like a room from a ghost story/movie. It was so disgusting and scary and I felt so uncomfortable there. So after a family meeting we went to the desk guy (who should be fired) and told him we are leaving and not paying and guess what he did? He took the money off my moms card, so we ended up paying for one night, even though we did not stay there.
After that mess we went to Denny’s and I ordered a kids breakfast with bacon, pancakes, and potato hash, it was so good and I ate it all! After my family and I finished eating my mom pulled out her computer and started to look for another hotel room for a cheap price because we wanted enough money to go to fancy restaurants. It was taking a long time to find a hotel to stay in because Denny’s WiFi was being slow, so I fell asleep in the booth at the table xD. Finally, my dad woke me up and said to me “we found a place to stay, so lets hit the road!” I think I jumped for joy when he said that.
The hotel we went to was a Best Western (we arrived at 2:30am) and when we got to the room it was so nice! There was a mini fridge, a couch that pulled out into a bed, 2 full-sized beds, a really nice big wardrobe, an awesome bathroom, and the biggest shower I have ever been in, and a really nice balcony with a lil bit of ocean view! 😀
This is the exact Best Western we went to, and it looks AWESOME!


And yes… it’s walking distance to my favorite beach, MOONLIGHT BEACH in Encinitas, California!! <3
We were going to check out the next day but we decided to stay 4 days at Best Western hotel. The 2nd day I woke up really early to head to the beach so I woke up my parents and we headed to Moonlight Beach for the first time! Keep in mind that this is this is the first time going to a beach (that I can remember) and my first time seeing what Moonlight Beach is like!
Moonlight Beach!

Moonlight Beach!


Me and my dad went to see what it was like first while my mom got ready to go; we stayed for like 30-minutes and then went to go get my mom. We stayed for about 2-hours with my mom and then went back to the hotel to get showered off because I had sand in my butt LOL.
Then we went out for dinner at a place called the Tide Water and it was so good and yummy! 🙂
Tide water



TideWater Inside


TideWater Calamari Steaks

On our third day there, my friend came with his parents and they dropped him off so he could stay with us the rest of our trip 😀

His name is Niles and he’s my best friend; I have known him for 5 years now and going on 6. I got a full-sized bed and my parents got the other one and he slept on the pull out couch!

The same day Niels got here we went to Moonlight Beach for a lil bit and on our way we bought: boogie boards, goggles and a blow up nemo fish, among other things. We stayed at the beach for like 5 hours xD. Me and Niels went boogie boarding and it was kinda scary because I got stuck under a riptide and had to hold my breath until the riptide hit shore. D: Then we went out to lunch and it was really good.
After all that, and on the fourth day, we checked out of the Best Western and rented a really nice beach house! I got my own room and Niles got a really nice bed in the living room and my parents got the master bedroom. It had a big kitchen and a really large shower with 2 shower heads, it was so cool. My favorite part of the beach house was the private hot tub and my own room. (Yes it had a hot tub *.*)  I wish we lived in California because I love it there. It was so fun and I hope one day I can go there again! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my long story of ~My Full California Experience~



                                    A Special Message

The last day we were there we did something special. My grandma had died and her favorite place to be was Encinitas CA and her favorite place to go in Encinitas was Moonlight Beach. We spread her ashes as the tide came in. Her spirit now flows with the ocean! I <3 U Grandma and miss you so much!



This is where I spread my grandma’s ashes! <3

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