My Favorite Thing About My Family Is…


I’m back with a new essay for school, and today my English teacher has a wonderful topic. That topic is “what is my favorite thing about my family”?
Well my favorite thing about my family is that my whole family loves animals, and if we see an animal that needs our help we will always help that animal… Unless the animal is dangerous we will help it. If its like a bird, dog, cat, horse, goat, chicken, and anything like that we will most likely help it!
We have like a farm kinda right now and in all we own 9 pets/animals! It’s insane they cost lots of money and care and ugh it is just so much work.
#Too True

Here is a list of all the animals we own at the moment:


2 Dogs.

2 Cats.

1 Fish.

4 Chickens



The chickens are the most work because they poop everywhere and always need water and food!

But yeah my favorite thing about my family is that we love animal way too much and I love it!!!

Hope you enjoyed this essay is you have any questions for me feel free to comment down below love you all! <3





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