~My Favorite Season Out Of The Year~

Hey guys! So I know I haven’t posted in a while; it’s because I have been busy with life xD. Anyway, today I’m gonna be talking about my favorite season and why that season is my favorite.
Let’s see if you guys can guess what my favorite season is. It snows often in the cold places and where it doesn’t snow it gets cold, hmm I wonder what season that is. LOL I’m just messing with you guys, this is not a guessing game it’s a nice story of why Winter is my favorite season. Oops I said my favorite season. Anyway, while it’s out there may as well talk about it :P.
Winter is my favorite season because there are lots of things to do when it’s winter, well when it snows anyway. I just love having snowball fights with my family and friends and love, love, love sledding and rolling in snow and eating it; if it’s not yellow.
You can’t swim in the winter or if you do it’s quite hard because it’s too cold and your pool might have frozen over. I wonder what a good solution would be. OH YA! It’s called indoor swimming and where I live we have a gym and it has an indoor pool so it’s nice and sorta warm when my family and I go there to swim.
It’s so awesome going to the gym to swim in the winter because they heat the pool. My friends go with me sometimes, and when it snows it’s it’s really beautiful; they have these big windows and it makes you feel like you’re in this big snow globe. It’s so fun to swim there, like really, really fun xD! So yeah, these are the big reasons I love winter and why it’s my favorite season!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of winter time. <3





View of bench against christmas tree and shining lantern through snowing. Night shot.


PEACE! =-)



  • Are those pictures real because if they are no wonder you like winter so much.

    • Kids For Liberty

      I am not sure if they are real or fake but even if they are all fake it shows how pretty winter can be. I live where it is winter almost all year around and it snows. I truly know how pretty winter can be. <3

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