My favorite part of summer vacation~

My favorite part of summer vacation was going to horse camp! Horse camp is 5 days of pure horse. Tons of kids come and they ride horses and learn about them. I meet lots of friends there and I get to ride a horse for 2 hours everyday for 5 days!! I am almost ready to be in advanced rank and I am really excited!

There are 3 ranks: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate (That’s what I am,) and Advanced.

The day starts off by grooming your horse and tacking him/her up. Then we start to warm up our horses muscles by walking them a ton and trotting them a ton and if you know how to canter well by yourself you warm them up in a canter too. Then my trainer and her assistant/helper teach us new things and we do exercises.

Then after 2 hours of riding we bring the horses back to the barn and untack them and start to groom them as well. To get them to cool off we spray them down with a hose. After we put them away we drive up to my trainer’s house and eat lunch and watch a movie (we try to finish the movie by the end of the week.)

After we clean up after lunch we learn about different parts of the 2 types of saddles: English and Western. Then we learn the parts of the different bridles: English and Western. We also learn the different parts of the horse’s body and bones. We study these things everyday after lunch. Friday (which is the last day of camp) is called game day. It’s were we all play games on the horses. Such as: Throw the ball in the bin, Poles, Barrels, Etc…

After our ride (like I said before) we have lunch and on Friday we finish the movie, Then we all head home until next year! <3


Hope you enjoyed bye!


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