My Favorite Hobby!

My favorite hobby is riding horses!


I ride horses all the time and have been doing so for 7/8 years! I am ranked advanced level at my stables and jump about 2’6!
I want my job to be teaching kids to ride and training horses! I love horses because they are so graceful and free spirited and so full of life! They are so majestic and perfect, defiantly my favorite animal!
I like working with them and being around them, I feel like I am in a different world filled with peace and love! I feel like I don’t have to worry about life and my problems.
I feel like I don’t have problems or anger, everything is how it should be.
Horses relax me, If I am sad, or mad they make me feel better! ALWAYS!

Jumping bean

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I am learning cross country and know 1 dressage course.
Show jumping is my main event but I want to do eventing when I am older so I am gonna work on a little of everything.
 I Like jumping because I feel so free, I feel like I am flying.
One day I want to be doing 5′ jumps bareback with my arms out and pretend I am flying!
I want to own my dream horse and take a calm walk on the beach with him, or a action packed gallop on the beach. Either one works for me. 🙂
 True fact: Horses help calm nerves and help with heart conditions. This is why there are so many therapy ranches for kids with problems.

This is cross country:

I want to do this type of cross country when I get older!
I really love riding horses and we are gonna buy this horse and he would be great at liberty work and anything natural! Can’t wait to own him!!
This is definitely my favorite hobby and I hope it will stay that way!
See ya everyone!
Hope you enjoyed, Bye! 😉

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