My Favorite Book I Have Ever Read! + My Favorite Movie!

Hmmm… My favorite book. Where do I begin? Well It’s a series of books, but the first one is by far my favorite! The first one is what started it all. It’s about a girl named Evy who can telepathically communicate to horses. She is not sure if it’s a gift or curse. She found out about her “Gift” by accidentally thinking about a wild horse she saw, the words transferred into the horse’s mind and scared the poor mare half to death! She spooked and ran off, If I remember correctly she got tangled in something and got badly injured. How could Evy know this having the horse been out of her vision? Well she could feel this wild mare’s pain.. 🙁  She never knew if the mare had passed away or recovered.. After that happened Evy was bewildered and never wanted to go near horses, which is kinda hard when you own a farm with horses on it. she tried hard not to but her chores every morning were to get up and take care of the animals. Including horses. After a while she got super good and the horses would sometimes talk back to her. In the further books, which I am on book 5 of 9. She is always talking to her horses and they always talk back. Well, almost always.

The book is called “Winter of The Crystal Dances.” The series is called “Whinnies on The Wind.”


If you are a fan of horses, you would definitely love this book series!

Now on to my favorite movie. Well, My favorite movie is called “Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron”

Again, horse related. I have been re-watching spirit since I was like 6 years old. I cry every time.. It’s such a great movie looking at life from a horse’s perspective. I LOVE it.











Sorry, I am like. Addicted to Spirit..

The perspective you see things from Spirit is true. Rustlers try to catch the wild horses and they try to break em’ in, and use them for catching more wild horses. Leave them be. We have enough domesticated horses in this world. Spirit is a great leader, and I love the romance between him and Rain. The sorrel paint mare. It’s adorable! 🙂






I like Spirit because of the action, the reality, and the bond between human and horse.

I love the book Winter of The Crystal Dances because it’s a great story and it’s that type of book you just get hooked, and can’t stop wondering about what will happen next!


That’s it for today guys!


Bye! 😀


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  • moviepal


    let me be frank, i was disappointed when i scrolled down here to read comments and there are none,

    I’m not a great writer, so, don’t expect any framework on this comment like the start has to be an introduction then a complete body and later a clear ending…so, it’s all kinda jumbled on the thoughts..

    So, yeah, came over to your website because of the spirit’s image with the eagle while browsing.. wasn’t intended.
    But if my memory serves right, you’re the third person whom I know to have watched the movie Spirit.

    Well, I was about 13 the first time I saw this movie at a friend’s place. I was impressed.
    Came home and never forgot the movie. Yet, couldn’t remember the name, asked my young(then) friend, he couldn’t remember as well…. so unfortunate..

    later, when I was about 18(or maybe 17) google – helped me find the spirit.

    Yes, since the last 7 years(or maybe 8), i’ve seen this movie over a hundred times.
    my desktop screensaver, my mobile wallpaper, my keychains, everywhere, the spirit remains..
    Not sure if you think this is a strong liking, admiration or absurd but i’ve all those.

    this movie has been a motivation for me and will always be for future..

    Thank you for noticing such a wonderful movie and writing about it.

    before ending, let me remind you that you don’t have to hide your name(yes, I did search before I wrote here)

    end of thoughts at once..


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