My Dream Gear/tack! And Some Sentences to Think About.

Hey guys today I am going to talk about my dream tack and much more!


This is the saddle I want for Christmas:


By the way, Everything that I am about to show you I want for Christmas.

Dream bridle, and reins: (For bridle)



Halter and lead:



Saddle pad and half pad:



Boots: (For horse)



That is my dream tack/gear that I am asking for Christmas. I really like it, everything is high quality and gorgeous. I would like to thank Horze for their lovely products and amazing quality items! Please go and check out Horze at their website I really love their website and items and if I had to choose any place to get my horsey items I would totally choose Horze! 


I have been riding forever! Since I was 3/4 years old I got the horse bug. Ever since I have loved horses with a passion. I have been riding horses for about 7/8 years now and I will never stop! Horses to me are like people except how they are 10 times bigger than us and have a mind of their own. People say riding horses (Also known as being and Equestrian) is not a sport.

It actually really is! People say anyone can do it. People say it’s easy, and it takes no talent. How horses are stupid and aren’t strong at all. How you just put some rope and iron/metal thing on their head/mouth and they just listen. Well… You’re very wrong!

No matter what you ever put on a horse they will always have a mind of their own. Have you ever been on something ten times bigger then you are? Ever fallen off something 6′ going 45 miles an hour? Have you ever been crushed by something that weighs as much as a car? Have you ever done a dance with something that doesn’t even speak your laungudge? Felt a connection with something so huge it could kill you with 1 move? Have you ever flew high in the wind over an obstacle bigger than you? Still think it’s easy? Not a sport? Well… Then you are just stupid! Somewhat. 



Anyway that is it for today!



Love <3





  • How much does it cost to have horses, which I am guessing you do?

    • Kids For Liberty

      Sarah E.

      The horse depends on the color and breed. In general the feed monthly is about $150 depending on the feed. floating their mouth and cleaning teeth is an ever few year thing to do and is about $200. ferrying for their hooves is $150 to get all four done and only needs to be done every 2 months depending on the work you do with your horse.. The horse in general could go to the lowest of $1,500 all the way to $6,00/$7,000 dollars. Then you have to either have a horse property or board your horse. Boarding depends on the place and quality. It can go up to $300 $400 a month. Unfortunately I do not own a horse! 🙁 I have been riding for 8 years and know a lot about them! 🙂

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