My Dream Friends!

My English teacher has another topic for a writing assignment!  What do I think could make a good friend.

Well I already have my dream friend, well three dream friends! His and her names are Sirius, and Erin! Me and Erin have too much in common, she is so nice and funny and has a huge heart! Sirius is Fun, Weird in a funny way, and kind! He has been my friend for years!


Erin lives pretty far away from me but comes up to where I live on the weekends. We all hangout on my trampoline, it’s pretty fun! We also play football but I’m not so good at that…. We all ride are bikes around our neighborhood and our scooters but mostly bikes! Once me and Erin made a homemade pillow before it was awesome!
Wyatt is my one of my best friends and we hangout almost everyday! 🙂


I think good friends are:

1. Loyal!

2. Friendly!

3. Caring!

4. Fun!

Hope you find your dream friend!
– Jaclyn


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