My Dream Bedroom – CHECK IT OUT!

So today I had to create my dream bedroom. Let’s talk about that!

I will show you a diagram of it later! So if I had to create my dream bedroom it would contain: Two bean bag zebra print chairs, a gaming & T.V. area, bunk bed with dresser and pull out desk, a kitty tunnel for Twix & Snickers, a closet organizer and last but not least… A pink poke a dot grey striped comforter for my fabulous bunk bed!

Here is a picture of my diagram & plans



Isn’t it so FABULOUS?!!! I love what I have created so much!!!! I made the blue print in the program Paint just so you know. I may not have that gorgeous room now, but I will have it sometime in the future!
My room is still pretty cool right now though… I will have to have a garage or yard sale to get rid of all the furniture in my room at the moment so I will have money to spend on my new designs. We can probably do my room this winter!
I’m very exited about the T.V. gaming center! I have six friends that come over and they all barley fit in my room right now.
Twix and Snickers copyAlso, the kitty litter box will go in the pink camouflage tent. Twix & Snickers will have to go through the tunnel to get to their litter box and every time one of them comes out the litter they track out will stay in the tunnel, so that will be very useful! Hope you liked my essay on: My Dream Bedroom!
See you next time! 🙂


We might do a kitty bench in the corner instead of the tent so we have extra seating and storage too! But my grandma will have to make me a custom bench cushion because this one is not my style. What do you guys think?Kitty Bench

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