~My California Experience~

I went to California for a whole week! Now I will tell you my experience!
In the morning it is really hot and keeps getting hotter every minute. 10am to 3 or 3:30pm are probably the hottest points of the day. Around 4:00pm all the way to pretty much 12 at night it’s really nice out. It’s a mix of hot and cold. You just feel so cozy in the evening! I would say when it hits noon head to the beach for a few hours because the fresh ocean air will cool you right off!



Yes… Very lovely beaches!
When I went to California for a week my family and I visited Encinitas CA.
My favorite beach in Encinitas is Moonlight BEACH. its so pretty there, in fact I will grab a few pictures for you guys right now.





Isn’t it pretty?! I absolutely love it there!!!! <3

The reasons I love Moonlight BEACH!:
1- It has very soft sand.
2- It doesn’t have lots of seaweed!
3- The main beach is really long so I can run all around.

Hope you enjoyed! PEACE!!!


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