My Best Birthday Gift Ever!

To be honest I am so spoiled I don’t even remember my favorite gift I got. Since my birthday is only a month after Christmas I always get the best things for Christmas. My last birthday so a year ago my room got renovated and was my big birthday gift. My room was so crowded before it got redone.


My best and favorite gift I got had to be my brand new room. I got a 45″ flat screen TV for my wall, a new bed, a new desk, two new gaming chairs, two new side tables/ TV trays, and a mini desk to store my controllers and games!
If that wasn’t enough my whole room got repainted, I got the popcorn ceiling out of my room and got the entire ceiling painted white and my walls got painted tan. I got white crown molding for the top of the walls. My ceiling looked so tall after the renovation!
This was definitely my favorite and best gift I got for my birthday! 🙂

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