Jumping and Trapdoor Spiders – Friend or Foe?

Today I learned all about Trapdoor and Jumping spiders!


The Trapdoor spider burros underground and makes a small tunnel. The Trapdoor spider would make a trapdoor and every time a bug or some type of insect would walk by, the spider would jump out and stick its long venomous fangs into its victim. Unless the victim is bigger than the spider nothing can escape the venomous fangs of the Trapdoor spider!

Here is a cool picture of a Trapdoor spider!

Here is a cool picture of a Trapdoor spider!


Now on to the Jumping Spider!

The Jumping spider has great vision. It has two huge eyeballs that can track its victim. They have special hair on their legs that can make them stick to roofs and other cool stuff. The Jumping spider can jump super high and is very good at stalking its pray. The Jumping spider is probably one of my favorite spiders!

Here is a cool picture of a Jumping spider!


Most people have a fear of spiders, but really spiders offer many benefits for the world, including the people who are afraid of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a good article to click on and check out regarding these benefits:

The case for spider conservation: They keep pests from devouring humansโ€™ food supply

Hope you enjoyed the information! ๐Ÿ˜€

See you next time!!!

– Jaclyn


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