~If I Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be?~

So today is the day for my weekly school essay and my English teacher has another topic for me: If I could have any superpower what would it be and what would I use it for? I would want Immortality! I would want to be immortal because then I could never die.. Unless I got my head chopped off which is very unlikely.
I would use my superpower to save children like myself and animals and other people. I would also use my superpower to fight crime and make sure all the bad killers and thieves die or go to jail! Yes I know it sounds crazy, a little girl out fighting crime it’s not like I have super strength. I would learn how to be good with a gun and do lessons in karate until I’m a black belt then I would be ready! So I would be just a little girl fighting crime! Sounds normal… Right?!?! Nah what am I thinking that’s not normal. Anyway I would still love being immortal!



Here’s a little video, Enjoy!!!


This is Jaclyn.



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