How I Pooped Out A Unicorn~

~This is for comedy and entertainment purposes only!!!~


It was a sunny day and I was sitting on the toilet taking a pooh.
1a15e79d-b1b9-4b73-b7e7-2a2bb9247738I was about to flush when I noticed my poop had rainbows in it; I thought I was just picturing things.
Suddenly a unicorn came out of my butt and appeared in front of me.


He told me his name was Charlie the Unicorn and he was here to turn America into Unicorn Landia; In all honesty I peed my pants when he spoke!
Me and Charlie started to talk and I started to warm up to him. He started to talk about his plan to take over America and make it into a place for Unicorns. (Unicorn Landia)


At first it sounded scary and a very bad idea but then I actually wanted it to happen! 🙂
In the end America did become Unicorn Landia and me and Charlie and all the other unicorns had a great time! 😀 <3



Hope you enjoyed! <3

Love! <3



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