~Convincing My Parents To Buy Me A Horse~

For my 13th birthday I may be asking for 2 much… I have good reasons to have my big gift.
I would like a large pony or a horse for my birthday. 1st reason: I would like a horse for my birthday because it would be a great animal to own for my passion for horses and my riding career. 2nd reason: It would be a wonderful experience for my teen job at a ranch and my dream could finally become a reality!




Please comment a nice phrase and a good reason my parents should buy me a horse because I need this to happen! 🙂

I have always dreamed of owning my own young, pretty, gelding, a jumper of course!
My main equestrian event at the moment is show jumping but when I’m older I want to get into cross country.

here are some songs put into a horse video and I hope you enjoy!


This is the last video I am gonna put in because this essay isn’t about awesome horse videos with cool songs in them! XD


That’s all I’m gonna do for this essay. Hope my parents take it very seriously! >:D

Love <3



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