Comparing and Contrasting The Ancient Civilizations of Ancient Middle East and India

In this essay I will be writing about the ancient civilizations of the Middle East and India. I will be telling you about each civilization individually, and also characteristics they have in common.
In the Middle East The Fertile Crescent is a major agricultural center.  The Fertile Crescent is between two rivers, the Tigress and Euphrates. In ancient India the Indus Valley is also a major agricultural center. On both sides of the Indus Valley there are two rivers, Indus, and Ganges.


In the Middle East, Islam is a heavily influenced religion, and is still in the top three most popular religions in the world. In India, the popular religions are Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism was actually the precursor to Hinduism in India. Hinduism is also in the top three most popular religions in the world.


Alexander The Great is credited with being the most influential leader in ancient Middle East. Gupta(Chandragupta II) is credited as the most influential leader in ancient India. Both civilizations had a strong centralized government.
In closing I have clearly shown you how both civilizations, though diverse share common traits.

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