About Barrel Racing~

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about barrel racing. Here are some videos on barrel racing and after them I will talk about it.




Barrel racing is a very dangerous sport on horseback.. 

You see? It can be quiet harmful. 

It can also be fun but like I said before. It is very harmful and hard, even for the horse.

Barrel racing is a great sport and I am an English rider but I am starting barrels. It’s really fun and I love it!  I ride at a ranch near me and I ride a 19 year old quarter horse named Reilly. He is a great horse because when he was younger he did competitive barrels and poles.

In barrels there is a pattern, it’s not just go around 3 barrels as fast as you can. First you have to learn the pattern.


Or do a left, right, right turn. Depending on which hand is your dominant.

Then work on your turns and speed..



And don’t hit the barrels, if you do judges will add 5 secs to your time.


That’s all I got for today! Later.


  • that sounds great, I once had a horse and it got sick and we had to do away with it, it’s rely sad but it goes to show that nothing lasts forever and to enjoy things while we still have them, I have seen a lot of things come and go but when I look back on it I rely think that the time you get with things is not to be taken for granted, not even life lasts forever so we should treasure every moment we have.

    • Kids For Liberty

      That is a really deep and thoughtful comment, I really don’t know how to respond. You are very right. We shouldn’t take the time we spend with people or animals or really anything for granted. I don’t own a horse yet but I wish to soon and when I do I will never take the time with me and my horsey for granted. Thank you for reminding me and everyone who reads your comment that life is short and spend it with the things you love and not to take time for granted.

      PS. Sorry about your horsey 🙁 <3

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