A Lion Walks Into Your Home… How Would You React?

OK, so my English teacher asked me another question for school… If a lion walked into my house how my family and I react?

Here is who would be in my house if this did happen:

1. Jaclyn / Me
2. My Mom
3. My Dad
4. My Grandma
5. My Dog
6. My Other Dog
7. My Cat
8. My Other Cat

So, lets get to the reacting! 😀

Me/Jaclyn: I would run and grab the closest gun to shoot in the air to try an scare the lion. If it didn’t scare the lion, I would have to do a head shot.
My Grandma: Would run to a room, lock the door and then call 911.
My Mom: Would grab me/Jaclyn then say the F word a bunch of times while running to grab a gun.
My Dad: Would also grab me and go to get a gun.
Both of my dogs: Would bark, growl and run to attack the lion.
Both Kittens: Would run to the highest place they could get to, and then hide.

Even though I would love to have a pet lion, I know they are dangerous wild animals!

Check out this awesome, cute video of a lion named Christian reunited with his best friends for life! <3


#Smile for the camera!

Hope you enjoyed! <3



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