Who is a Big Influence in My Life?

Well since I like the internet and YouTube I get good influence from youtubers.
The biggest youtuber on my list is Jacksepticeye. He is an Irish ball of joy. He gives people good advice and cares about his fans.
I like Jack because he is one of those big Youtubers that does care about every single one of his fans! <3


Some people give Jackaboy a hard time. Saying hes not really Irish. That he’s in it for the money, and that he doesn’t care about his fans… Well he does. I know he does! One day I  want to meet him and get a picture with him and tell him that hes such a boss!
He has many catch phrases but his most used and the best one is: “LIKE A BOSS!!”
He is Irish so he says bad words. A LOT! But That’s just the real him.


Not so many Youtubers show the real them anymore.. It’s sad because that’s just what some people like ME want to see.
Jack is not his real name, I know his real name but I am not gonna say it for the privacy of Jack!
My birthday is coming up in less then a week and I am asking my parents for some Jacksepticeye merchandise for my birthday!
The following contains the items I want for my birthday.





He always cheers me up when I feel low! 🙂 I look up to him because he makes me feel happy about myself no matter what!


He didn’t have green hair when he first started YouTube. His natural hair color is brown.
He has 14,319,789 subscribers today as we speak! GO JACK! I can’t wait until he hits 15,000,000!!

You deserve every last subscriber you have Jack, don’t let someone else make you think otherwise!!

This is a song by Schmoyoho based around Jack!

Such a great song.. <3


I love Jack so much! He is such a great Youtuber and I just wanna give him a big fat hug for all the amazing and entertaining content he has given me! 🙂

My photo gallery of Jackaboy:











I don’t want to say goodbye!

You would only get this if you saw Jacksepticeye’s game play series of: The Last Guardian.

This is who I love and who I look to as an influence!

Bye! <3

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