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Since I have almost never used social media, my mom told me to watch a video on why and how social media is bad for the brain and how it changes you and the way you think.

Here’s the video:

So I watched the video and now I’m gonna give you my thoughts on it.

This video is interesting and true, to be honest. I already knew social media was designed to be addictive and change your brain. It’s like a job, it’s a constant mind f**k of checking your phone and being a part of societies trends, and keeping up to date with everything. Like with me I always wonder if I got a new like on my recent picture or if one of my friends messaged me. But like everyone else, I don’t care if it’s bad or changes me.

One of the worst social media apps is Snapchat, because if you have friends on their you can do this thing called “Streaks.” Streaks are where you have to message people within 8-10 hours and just send them a random picture of anything saying “Streaks” on it. and the more you do it, it adds up days. The goal is to get a really high number of days in your streak. My best streak was with one of my best friends and it was a 38 day streak, I know people who have like 200 days streaks or more.

So Snapchat is so bad because it’s making you constantly message someone just to beat another someone with who can be more active with their streaks. It’s also facial recognition due to the face filters.

I personally think Facebook is the worst out of all the social media’s. I don’t have Facebook for many reasons. Such as: There’s no privacy, you meet new people you don’t even know, and they can know everything about you. You can also find many creepy men and woman on their as well as get stalkers.

Twitter is alright I guess, I used to have it but it got boring so I deleted it. It’s mostly just keeping up to date with news and people’s problems.

Now Instagram is more for the trends and being up to date, I have three accounts on Insta. My dog has one, I have a photography account for pictures I take of nature and such, and my private account for only my friends and people I know in real life. And like all my accounts, there is no personal information, even for the one with my friends only. I follow all my friends, meme pages, horse people, and all my favorite YouTuber’s.

My thoughts on all social media is that they are addictive, but fun. If you can stay away from them I recommend it but as for me I enjoy having them.













The question my mom wanted me to answer was, if I had a daughter or son, how would I restrict them having social media and phones/computers.

My answer is: I would have fun things to do outside and activities they could take part in, and also give them things to do such as maybe build a fort or go swimming.

Cell phones cause cancer so another thing would be trying to keep my children off of them as much as possible, so I would say if they weren’t talking to someone or they weren’t using their phones, to not have it close to them when not needed.

So that’s it for today, sorry for the inactivity.


Much love! <33

Much love! <3



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