New Year, New Chores?

So since it’s 2018 I have new chores to do in the morning and throughout the day. So I am gonna be talking about my daily routine of 2018!

I wake up at 7:00 and get ready for the day, that includes: Brush teeth, brush hair, and get dressed.
After I am ready for the day I eat breakfast and then start taking care of the animals!
First thing I do is feed my two dogs, and my two cats. (If my dad didn’t already feed them.)
Then I empty all of the garbage’s in the house, that also includes emptying the litter box.

Twix and Snickers copy

After I deal with the garbage I sweep the house. (I also vacuum when the carpet gets really dirty.)
After all that I get something warm on and go outside and work with my horse Matty!
We are currently working with our ground work. I am trying to make it a partnership kinda thing and not so much like he always has to listen to me. We work for about an hour. We are currently working on doing a quick stop from a canter so that I can stop him in an emergency.
Before I work him I brush him down, clean his feet, give him some grain, and put his leg wraps on.
After I work with Matty I come inside, wash up, get comfy, and start school. I work until I finish my classes. I have 4 classes. English, History, Math, and Horsemanship. Horsemanship is extra credits since I am home schooled.
After school I like to play games, hangout with my animals, go on hikes, trail rides, watch Netflix, and also watch Youtube.

Well that’s my daily routine for 2018! Hope you enjoyed, Bye! 🙂

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