What I Like to Do! + My Daily Routine On Saturdays!

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to write about my daily routine and tell you how to do what I like to do! 😉

Here are instructions on how to tack up a horse… English style!

1.   Get your horse out of their stall/turnout and tie them up.
2.   Start to groom them. That includes brushing them down, picking their hooves, (optional) brushing their mane/tail.
3.   (If your horse wears boots) Put on your horses boots.
4.   Get out your saddle pad and half (if you use one.)
5.   Apply your saddle pads and or pad on top of the withers of your horse.
6.   Get out your saddle and put it on top of the pads.
7.   Get out your girth and attach it to your saddle.
8.   Tighten your girth but not to tight, your horse needs to be able to bloat before tightening your girth.
9.   Grab your bridle and untie your horse.
10. Take off your horses halter and put it loosely around their neck.
11. Apply the bit softly into their mouth and put the crown over their ears.
12. Buckle your throat latch loosely and tighten your nose band.
13. Walk your horse around and tighten up your girth and mount up!

Jumping bean

Me jumping 2.6

Here is my daily routine on Saturdays when I help out at my ranch!

I wake up at 8:00am, brush my teeth and wash up.
By 8:30am I am getting dressed to go to the ranch and eating breakfast.
Around 9:30am I head out with my best friend to the ranch.
We get to the ranch around 9:50am.
When we get to the ranch, we ask our instructor what we can help with since we go there to work.
At about 10am or earlier kids start to arrive at the ranch for lessons.
We teach them how to groom and tack up until 11am.
After that, we help them mount up and we keep leading different kids around until 1 in the afternoon!
At 1:45, after all the kids have left, we help clean tack.
After we are done cleaning tack, we eat lunch!
Around 3 O’Clock we do natural horsemanship until 5pm.
When I get home, I get into some comfy clothes, and eat dinner around 6pm.
After dinner, I go rest and watch Netflix until it’s time for bed!

Thanks for tuning in!

See ya next time 😉 BYE!!!!



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