What I Did Over The Summer

I went to California for summer vacation. I wen’t with my friend Nile’s and it was super fun. I already have 2 posts about this journey so I really don’t want to write another one so I will put the link to it and it’s what I did over the summer! 😀

Link/Source: http://kidsforliberty.org/my-full-california-experience/

This is what I did over the summer but I will tell you the most important parts.
When I got there we rented a hotel room and it was a really nice one. My friend Nile’s slept on the couch and me and my parents got our own bed. I would have shared with him but he snores. A lot! The first but really second day we were there we went to the beach. It was called Moonlight beach and it’s my favorite beach ever! Nile’s and I went boogie boarding and I almost drowned under a rip tide.. I guess it’s R.I.P tide for a reason Lol.


After that we went out for dinner at a restaurant named Tide Water. My mom loves their calamari steaks and I like their shrimp. we also rented out a beach house for a couple of our last nights/days there. We had many adventures and it was super fun!


BYE BYE! <3 😀


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