Ron Paul Curriculum 6th Grade History 1st Writing Assignment!

So I started doing history on my online school program Ron Paul Curriculum and it’s teaching me about things like how the world was made and God and things like that. Now I’m not a religious person I don’t have a religion. I also am not against God and things like that I just want to get that cleared up now.


My history teacher wants me to write about if the Tower of Babel was my home then I got my language mixed up and was really confused and then found people who spoke my language what would I do and where would I move to with that group. So like using the whole world where would I move to go live with my/the group?
First of all I would be so so so happy I found people who I could understand and they could understand me! Now I would probably go to where I want to live when I grow up and that would be Ohio.
There is a reason I want to go to Ohio and that is because that is where I want to go to college and stuff like that. Now I would want to just get a big house for my whole group then settle in and try to get into my dream college which is because I love love love horses and is an Equestrian college so yeah..

yea that’s what I would do if things like that happened to me!
Hope you enjoyed the essay on my history lesson so far and as always..

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