My Gift Is…?

Hey guys! <3
Today I’m gonna write an essay on my gift and how I use it. Lets get started!
I have a gift with horses. Since I was 2 or 3 horses have been my life. I go riding at a stable kinda close to where I live and I have been riding there almost 5 years! My trainer is amazing and I love her to death. Now you might be thinking how is riding a horse a gift? Well let me tell you something! Every horse I ride I feel like I have a connection with the horse I’m riding and no, not WiFi connection I mean something deep!
When I ride a new horse that I have never ever ridden before it takes a few minutes then I feel it; I’m one with my horse!!! It might sound crazy but I swear I’m telling you the absolute truth!
I ride a 20-year old Quarter horse named Brandy! She’s so pretty and cute and I love her with a passion! She’s wonderful at jumping and her canter (which is one of a horse’s gaits) is very quiet, smooth and graceful! Her color is Dun.. I think.
Here’s a picture of what she looks like! (by the way this isn’t her it just looks like her)


Cute, am I right?!?!
Anyway that’s it for this essay but here are some videos on the following topic a horse or horses!







Hope you enjoyed and as always..



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