~I Fell Off My Horse~

I was riding along on my horse Bella, when suddenly Bella spooked and bucked me off then galloped around the arena. While my trainer tried to catch Bella I was laughing and crying at the same time! I was laughing because I was in shock and didn’t know what else to do but laugh because that’s just my sense of humor. I was crying because it hurt… a lot. I hit my head on the fence post next to me and got a big sliver in my middle finger. It really hurt!
When Bella started to get spooked I was sorta scared because I was afraid Bella would hurt herself and I also did not want to get hurt. So I tried to calm her down but it did not work. Then I got bucked off.
After everything my trainer finally caught Bella and I had to round pen her to get some energy out of her so I didn’t get bucked off a 2nd time. Then after I worked with her in the round pen a while I got her to cool off and chill so I could hopefully get back on her, and so I did. I know a lot of people have had worse falls then me on a horse and I also know a lot of them quit riding because they are afraid to get back on. Please get back on, Don’t stop yourself from doing what you love! Riding horses is everything to me and if I cheesed out from getting back on Bella I would be miserable! I just couldn’t imagine not riding horses anymore. So please get back on and feel what it’s like again. If you have lost the passion of riding horses because you fell off that’s fine, but if you dream about getting back on. Try to not make it not just a dream, make it reality! 😀 <3
Fly with the birds


Run with the wind



Be happy


Do what you want to do! Erase all those unhappy moments in your life and recreate them into happy ones 😀 <3

Love! <3



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