How I Would Have The Railway Children End!

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Today I’m going to tell you a bit about a book and how I want it to end.

The assignment is to try to predict the ending or make up your own (by the way you should do this without finishing the book. I personally have only read to chapter 6)  

railway-childrenSo right now we have a few characters in the book. The mother and the father, which I don’t know the names of, and their 3 kids. The oldest girl’s name is Roberta, Bobbi for short. The middle boy’s name is Peter. Then the youngest is a girl named Phyllis.

They lived in a lovely home in London with servants and maids and all kinds of things you could imagine. They were rich. The father worked for the government and one night two men from the government came and took him away. Only the mother knows where he is and what happened. The kids know nothing about it, only that it was very bad news and that their dad won’t be home with them in quite a while.

For reasons that no one knows yet, they had to move to the country to a much smaller and cheaper home; they became poor. They lived near the railways and that is where the kids started to spend most of their time. They met new people and all sorts of things happened there.

This is how I would end the story:

The old Russian writer, who they had helped, would help the mother, who was always writing since the dad went away, to publish her own book. The mother would start writing even more and her books would be published bringing in good money. The money could be used to buy some more food and fix up their house in the country.

The kids contacted the old gentleman and told him about their plans to fix up the house and he offered to help them. After the home is fixed up the kids go back to the railway where they ask the station master if they could help out with anything. The station master said that if they would like they may help out part-time to bring in some extra coins on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He told them to come out then to help. “After you are done working each of you, depending on how much you have worked, will get up to 5 coins each” he said, “that’s fifteen total” he finished.

They took up his offer and went to tell mother. Mother was not happy with this at all. “My pets” she said, “you are so young, please take your time to grow, there is no need for any of you to work”. “But” said Roberta. “No buts” said mother “now go play”.

Later that night, Bobbi said to her siblings “How can we play when daddy is gone? We should at least try to find him” the other kids all looked at each other and shook their heads in agreement.

The kids started to ask around about government people to see if they could find more clues about their father. Eventually, the kids ran into a man who was sitting on a park bench. He said he was a truth activist and knew much about government people. The kids explained why they wanted the information. He said to meet him at the bench the next day around 1:00 in the afternoon and he would try to see what he could find. His name was Decker and he was an older guy, but just from the look of his face, the kids knew they could trust him.

The kids came back to the park the next day at 1 and found Decker sitting on the same bench. He told the kids he had a lead at a nearby abandoned military training center. He said they had to check it out at exactly 5pm since his source said that nobody would be there at that time. They all planned to meet up at the bench again at 4pm the next day.

The kids went to the park and found Decker in his car. They all headed out to the abandoned military training center. On the way, Decker briefed the kids on how the mission needed to be carried out. Upon arrival, Decker told the kids to stay and wait by the car for the signal once he broke in. He ended up doing this silly hand motion and at first the kids were confused, but they realized he was doing “THE” signal. The kids followed him and asked why he did a weird bird hand thing. Decker said “no time to explain!” and ran into the training

Once inside, there were guns and all sorts of stuff. “No touchy” Decker said to the kids. They moved on exploring the center room by room. Finally, in the basement, there was a locked cell, and Decker yelled, “there is somebody in here”, the kids came running and saw, it was their father! He was in an ugly, stinky, small cell and had many bruises. Decker saw a knife hanging on the wall, grabbed it and picked the lock.

They made a run for Decker’s car and headed home. The kids told their father everything that had happened in his absence and told him that they had low funds and mother moved them out to the country. The father was relieved and in turn he told them some things that happened, but not all of it. He had been tortured and arrested for being a whistle-blower.

They arrived home late and their mother was furious. She yelled at them wondering where they had been. Just then, the dad came through the door. Mother’s mouth dropped open and she started to cry. He came and gave her a hug and kiss. They sat together, she telling him what happened, and he telling her what happened. They all sat down to dinner and celebrated the success of the mission.

The father ended up getting his captors arrested and the family lived happily ever after in the country.


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